Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings is finalised with a 50% Deposit (non-refundable). The date is only booked when a deposit is received. Please forward all proof of payments to suziesoftplay@gmail.com
  2. By paying the deposit you agree that all the info on your invoice is correct and accept our terms & conditions
  3. The last payment must be made 48 hours before the party or cash on the day BUT BEFORE DELIVERY WILL TAKE PLACE.
  4. Please take note of the delivery and pickup times, and ensure that all is in order. We will not wait after the arranged times.
  5. The soft play is for children 0-4 years. OLDER CHILDREN & ADULTS are not allowed to use the equipment.
  6.  No smoking near equipment, toys or jumping castles
  7.  If our products get miss used or damaged we will charge the client the full replacement/repair value.
  8. The client is solely responsible for the safety of the children. Please ensure that they are always supervised.
  9. All soft play & equipment must be used at own risk and we take no responsibility for any injuries.
  10. Each package is design for a certain amount of children. Please use accordingly.
  11. Items NOT allowed on the soft play toys & equipment: Food, drinks, pens, pencils, crayons or paint.
  12. No SHOES allowed on equipment.
  13. CAUTION: please ensure that the soft play toys & equipment doesn’t get too hot, it could lead to injury or burning. Ideally a shelter or shaded space must be provided.
  14.  In case of rain, a shelter or indoor area must be provided.
  15. PLEASE NOTE: The client is solely responsible for the circumstances above. A refund will not be given if it’s too hot or raining.

***We would like to give all of our little clients the best quality for their birthday!! Please take care of our equipment whilst in your care. So we can make the next party just as special as yours!***